Blogging and Cookin Potatoes

I have been far too tired to post as of late.  Each Sunday I would sit in front of the computer to write and nothing would come to mind except for the desire to sleep.  So I would shut off the computer and go to bed instead of racking my brain for morsels of philosophy, theology, and whatever else is tossing around inside of my quagmire of a brain.

We have not been to church except once since Thanksgiving.  There are numerous reasons for this.  First and foremost is the lack of desire on my part to go.  I have been reading the Bible almost daily.  I have been praying off and on over the weeks for various things.  However, praise has been sparse.  If you are experienced with this sort of doldrum then you know that praise of God for various things, His character, grace, etc… is one of the fastest ways to get connected to your Maker.  It is not so much the ego of God that you are stroking, but it is kind of like when you tell your parents thanks for the various things they have taught you and given you over the years.  It makes you teary-eyed and leaves you feeling good about life.  It is also about perspective.  I have digressed and need to continue on with the main point of the post.

I am a cultural Christian.  More than that, I am a product of American Christianity.  What do I mean by that?  Disillusionment, lack of conviction, the inability to live in God’s grace-much less understand it (due primarily to a lifestyle that is centered around seeking praise and rewards for my performance – work, marriage, family, etc…), desiring more than the fluff I see in other Christians, but not willing to take the step to go to that next level myself.  It is not a fear that prevents me from doing it, but a selfish desire to continue living life comfortably, or as what I think is comfortable.

I read somewhere about the unwillingness of man to change unless his environment changes and forces him to go in a new direction.  They related it to an old hound dog sitting on a porch trying to sleep.  The hound dog is lying on a partially protruding nail that is just irritating enough to prevent sleep, yet not irritating enough to force the lazy dog to get up and move to a more comfortable spot for a really good rest.  That is me.  I am sitting on a slightly protruding nail trying to get comfortable for a really good rest.  It is never coming though.  Not so long as I am unwilling to change positions.  Sort of like the classic motivational book Who Moved My Cheese?. I am not moving on to where the cheese is so I can get fed.  I am looking for it in old places long after I know it has left and is not coming back.

Currently I am wrestling with various issues regarding the various books of the Bible and the doctrine of infallibility and inerrancy.  I am not going into this right now and I a may never post about what I find because I have wrestled with this before and probably will again.  Suffice it to say this, no where in the Bible does it tell me that I have to believe that the Bible is directly from God in order to believe in the resurrection of Jesus and the good news message that he preached: repent for the kingdom of heaven is near, whatever that means.  Repentance leads to “right” living and “right” living leads to joyful living – but not freedom from suffering physically, more like freedom psychologically and emotionally (and this is critical because this is what I am refusing to go towards, joyful living).

Anyways, lots of wrestling left to do.  I am going to look through a couple of books from my apologetic’s classes to see what I can come up with: To Everyone an Answer (2004) and Across the Spectrum (2002).

Daddy Moose


5 thoughts on “Blogging and Cookin Potatoes

  1. Daddy moose,
    Just read your blog–thanks for being so transparent. In your struggle, don’t allow the evil one to cause you to miss the obvious. He is very clever in causing us to miss the forest for the trees. I Corinthians 2:1-5. It’s ok to spend time alone but don’t extend that to the time God calls us to fellowship with the saints. We hear God’s voice both alone and through His people-remember we are a body, not a solo artist. Removing yourself from His people (and His presence) can cause us to hear our voice more than God’s. You have need to share with others what God is doing in your life on a weekly basis. Others need what you have to offer as well–because you have been gifted for His glory. He created you for His pleasure so give Him pleasure! Hebrews 10:24-25. Let me know what I can do to help. God is much closer than you think!
    New Hope Community Church

    • Daddy Moose says:

      I was just thinking about it all today again with the Misses. We were supposed to have prayer time today as a family and I couldn’t do it. We finished reading in Matthew a couple of chapters and started talking about different things. I was frustrated with the variations within the Catholic (Universal) Church. How I define God is not the same as how my wife defines God, nor how any one of my close friends see Him, nor how the people I go to church with see Him. Everyone thinks of God differently. That is subjective based and that is how most of us approach our faith, subjectively. This is where the scriptures come into play.

      Scripture gives us a standard of knowing God. But, what happens when the secondary doctrines that are not critical for salvation cause us as the body of Christ to differ? We read a passage and one person says, “I think God desires all to be healed regardless of their situation.” The other says, “God does not perform healings any more like what the apostles experienced but He can choose to intervene if He so chooses, but it is not dependent on us.” Another says, “It is your faith in God that brings the healing” while yet another says “it is strictly up to God whether someone is healed, despite our faith or prayers.” When we see God differently we begin gathering in like-minded circles, while condemning with our attitudes and actions more than our words the others who don’t think our way. I think that is what is happening with me. I am not finding anyone to gather with who is like-minded so I am flying solo. I do have a close friend from church who I visit with each week a couple of times to talk and pray with. He is older, has slightly different cultural beliefs than I do, and will call me out if the need arises. But I also agree that our body needs all its members in order to be effective.

      Change in Subject…

      I read some stuff a few years back about Christians thinking that they have to sell all their possessions, live with nothing but the clothes on their back and roam the world spreading the gospel. That is what I see as the best way to live out Christianity, but it is not the Truth. Maybe that is what God wants from me? Maybe that is my wayward desire to WORK for salvation? Maybe it is a legitimate desire that God is trying to get my family towards in order to reach the world with the message of hope, of restoration, of eternal life? I don’t know. I talk to people all the time who say, “God told me to do this…” One lady in your neighborhood (not your church, your town) was telling me about a business decision she made based on God telling her to do it. Here it is three years after making that decision and they are still going from week to week without knowing if they will get a paycheck or not. She said that each time a bill comes due that they don’t have the money for she just prays and reminds God that this is His business, not theirs. Low and behold a check will arrive and often times in the exact amount that is needed to pay the bill. Now my question is whether God cares about the business or if it isn’t more about the lady having faith that God will provide, regardless of what business she is in? God may have never wanted her to be successful from man’s point of view but He might have known that this business was going to draw this lady and her husband into a closer relationship with Him.

      Another person I talked to is not working at all because God wanted him doing fulltime street evangelism. He is drawing unemployment and some other form of government assistance to make ends meet while telling people about Jesus. Maybe I am cynical but this just does not sound like a God thing. God is about wisdom, and I know there is a heavenly wisdom verses man’s wisdom, however, we can know the wisdom of God and walk in it. Lots of proverbs warn against being a sluggard and even Paul talks about the laborers in ministry working while doing their ministries. He does say that they can be supported by the body, but that it is also a good thing if they are not a burden to the body.

      I have written this thing in three parts due to my wife having food poisoning and needing to take care of her. She is doing better now, hopefully. I got some organic Apple Cider Vinegar and mixed with orange juice (to hide the taste as much as possible). Between the last sentence and this sentence another forty minutes went by. Not sure what is going to happen tonight. She tossed the vinegar and more of the Chinese meal.

      Thanks for responding to my post. I was wondering if anyone was listening or if this was just a sounding board for me to use and vent.

      Daddy Moose

      • Steve says:

        Bro Keith,
        I’m sorry to hear about Heather getting food poisoning. How is she doing now? I pray that she is doing better. I never knew about your blog until I finally checked our juno account–deleting old emails (we don’t use juno, we use bellsouth)

        Dude, you’ve got a lot of deep thoughts on your plate. Have you taken these to prayer (assuming that you have and are wrestling with these issues with God)? I pray you can find some resolve and find what you are looking for. I’m here for you and am praying for you bro.

        Bro Steve
        provs 27:17
        Jeremiah 33:3

      • Daddy Moose says:

        Hey Brother Steve,

        It is great to hear from you. Heather is doing just fine. The next morning she woke up and all was well in her tummy.

        No sweat about the blog. I am just glad that you found it now. That is funny how it worked out because with one of the major issues in my faith journey right now two of the men that I most respect have been the only ones who have responded. I believe that is God’s intervention and guidance.

        I have not prayed about it in depth. I have talked to God about my concerns. That is another interesting story because I pulled an old apologetic book from my undergraduate school off the shelf to see what it had for me. The very first chapter was about the infallibility of scripture with two sides presented – infalllible in all areas, error free across the board; and then infallible in matters of faith and practice while recognizing that all things cannot be reconciled nor should they. It was a very interesting read and I have to be honest, I believe whole heartedly in the second one. This is an age old debate and one that merits individual study and conviction. This has helped my faith and my understanding of where I am at the moment.

        I will post a new thread today. I typically try to post each Sunday, usually by 10 at night. I would like to start posting earlier in the mornings.

        Many blessings to you and your family,

        Daddy Moose, Boris, Keith

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for replying back bro. Glad to hear that Heather is doing well and baby Constance is growing so big! Thank you for being honest in your search as you wrestle with God in this.

        I favor the second idea as well. It supports and does not take away from the fact that Jesus Christ was a real person who was who He said He was, and is Lord of my life.

        Blessings to you and your family,

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