To skip or not to skip

I am fighting for my sanity at the moment.  Slow down!

Okay, so if you skip church repeatedly does it make you a sinner?  What if you are getting your fellowship, encouragement, etc… at other times?  Why is it that there is this notion of sinfulness for missing church?

First off, we are not involved with our church at all.  So when we miss things go on as usual.  There is simply no time to be involved and there is not much to be involved in.

Second, we have one ministry that we like to do and that is for the newcomer’s class.  About once a quarter our pastor will hold a newcomer’s class and they meet from 4 p.m. until 7:30 or 8 p.m.  When we went through there was no food that anyone brought so once things were finished we promptly hit Taco Bell right next door.  We vowed to never let this happen to anyone else so we have brought food every time for this class since then.  It is great for us due to our busy schedules and great for the people in the class because they would leave really hungry otherwise.

Lastly, I still get time reading the Bible, praying, and having fellowship with other Christians throughout the week.  So if I miss a Sunday, or a series of Sunday’s to work on more school (whether grad school or work school) is God going to smite me?

I sure hope not and I don’t think that God cares about church so much as He does about my relationship with Him and how that is expressed toward others.  As long as I am not negligent in other areas of my life that He has called me to be active in then I should be okay….right?

Daddy Moose


2 thoughts on “To skip or not to skip

  1. JewelFern says:

    You’re fine. It’s about yours and God’s relationship. Not church. Church is just another vehicle to worship God. As long as you’re getting your time in with Him, I think you’re a-okay. But look who’s talking here. haha!

    Love ya,

  2. Ma K says:

    I think the most important thing is the daily relationship with God, but I want to give you fair warning. The more you stay home on Sunday, the easier it gets to stay home, and once that habit is broken it is VERY difficult to start back. Guess how I know that? Yep, the voice of experience.

    Love you bunches,
    Ma K

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