Don’t forget

Here I am getting ready for another hectic week.  The schedule is jammed pack with friends coming over for supper, parent-teacher conference night, my third grad school class started, regular school work, condominium mowing, etc…

I talked to a buddy of mine today who is back home for R &R (rest and relaxation) from Afghanistan.  We are supposed to have supper with them or just visit at some point this week.  With the passing of 9/11 last Friday with very little fanfare I believe it is very important to take this time to remind people that there is still a war on terrorism going on.  There are still thousands of airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen serving over in dangerous places right now.  They are in harms way so that we do not have to fight terror on our home soil.  If we knew about everything that has been prevented, about all the plans being made for attacks on the U.S. that were thwarted, and about the hatred that spews from the hearts of those who would like nothing more than to kill our way of life, our freedom, our people then we would have trouble sleeping at night.

Please do not forget to educate yourself on the changes taking place in the world around us.  On the cultures that want a piece if not all of the American pie.  Please do not forget to pray for our nation, its leadership (in all three branches), its purpose, and God’s will for this country.  Please don’t forget to pray for those you know serving overseas and stateside.  We just had a church member die in a training helicopter crash out in Colorado.  They risk their lives day in and day out, even in the states.  All for you and I to have protection.

Don’t forget about my high school blog site.

Daddy Moose


3 thoughts on “Don’t forget

  1. Mommy to Constance says:

    Awesome reminder! How true!

  2. Granny says:

    Keith, thank you for reminding us again of the tragedy of 9/11. I don’t think we are reminded often enough, but those who lost loved ones don’t need a reminder, do they? How quickly we forget the brave people who averted the plane from striking the W.H., and all the firemen and police who gave their lives helping others.
    Fox News devoted 1 or 2 hours on the llth to the tragedy, and it aired several times. I didn’t see the other networks doing that. I know you must seem overwhelmed with all you have to do, but I know God will guide you. We’re so proud of you. Much love and prayers, Granny and Pappy

  3. Ma K says:

    A great reminder for all of us. As you know, this is very personal to me with Nicholas about to be deployed for the fourth time. Even though I will be glad when he is finally out of the military, I am thankful for the protection we have as a result of the many men and women serving around the world on our behalf. Military families do not have it easy, either, with their loved ones deployed so often and for so long. We need to stand with them and encourage them and pray for them.

    Love and Blessings!

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