What do they need?

As I get deeper into this teaching gig I am faced with tons of “realities” but not necessarily truths.  The reality for many kids is what they know of their own bubble in this world.  they have not experienced the richness of life in its many forms, cultures, and governments.  They are impressionable beyond your wildest dream.  If you can captivate them and make them believe that what you are saying is the TRUTH then they will believe it and tell others what you are telling them.  It is frightening and highlights to me the importance of keeping secular humanist thinking from running unchallenged in our school system.

On another note: the thugs that I encounter are very perplexing to me.  There is a difference between someone dressing like a mainstream rap artist and someone being in a gang and looking the part.  The gangsters at school are all giving me the same response when I ask them what they are planning on after high school…”I’m gonna make money!”  I have not known how to respond until this weekend.  I am going to use a couple of techniques to get them thinking.  I will ask them what they are planning on doing with the money and maybe tell them a parable from a book I read about an recent Harvard MBA grad and a Spanish fisherman that he encountered.  I might change the fisherman to someone they can relate with to see if that doesn’t help.  I want them to realize that there is more to life than money.

I cannot stress the importance of having parental involvement even in their teenage years.  My students are hungry for someone to follow that they can wrap their ego around and build their esteem with.  A parent has influence into that decision whether they believe it or not.  The teenager may push away but that does not mean that they don’t hear!  One of my students is searching like crazy for his own identity.  He is a strong, alpha-male type person who is very independent.  Yet, he still listens to his STEPFATHER because he respects the man.  His mom is German and I served with his stepfather in the service for a little bit before he retired.  Get involved, stay involved, show them you care.  If you know anyone who is discouraged about their teenager and trying not to hurt their relationship by backing off then slap them in the face and tell them to keep caring and letting their child know they care.  You chasten those you love.  It may hurt the both of you but you both know it is for the better, not the worse.

Enough said for now.  Thanks for reading.  Last week’s riddle answer: the cockroach.

Daddy Moose


2 thoughts on “What do they need?

  1. Granny says:

    Teachers teach so much more than subject matter. It is difficult for students to realize honorable professions if they’ve never been exposed to them. Have you heard about a survey some time ago in a prison where young prisoners were asked what they wished they had known. Their response, ” for someone to have shown me right from wrong.
    That’s very true today, even in elementary schools. Your caring and example will resonate with a lot, but don’t get disheartened if a good numer don’t understand or care. Much love and prayers, Granny

  2. Melissa says:

    I always find it amazing when people ask me when I am going to go back to work. They assume that since my kids aren’t babies anymore my job at home is done and I should be working a public job but I think it is just as important for me to be here when they get home each day now and will be way more important the older they get so we can stay in tune with what is happening with them better. Not working a public job gives me the opportunity to volunteer at the school and be available if my kids need me. I am not saying that I give up what I want to cater to my kids but it is my job to raise well adjusted, responsible, self-sufficient, compassionate adults and that job doesn’t end just because they go to school and spend most of their time with teachers. It is MY job to help mold them into an adult that I will be proud of and that they will be proud of — not the teachers. Our kids know that every parenting decision we make is geared to reaching the goal I mentioned above that Jeremy and I set when we had Megan — they may not always like the rules we set but that is okay it isn’t my job to be their best friend it’s my job to parent them.

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