I can’t stand this faith

Does anyone out there feel the same way I do?  I get so frustrated with the variations of Christianity that it is hard to keep my sanity and to know if what I think I believe is actually what I believe.  I see some folks living out their faith in how they sing and pray at church.  I see others living out their faith extremely quietly to the point that you wonder if they do actually believe.  There is another group who holds signs up on the street corner here in town several times a month.  Some signs are condemning but most are not.  I have friends who are just trying to get by in this world and they don’t seem to understand that God wants all of their life not just what they are wiling to give up (in a way we are all like that).  Another group of guys I know hold Christianity in more of a cultural sense.  It guides some of their presuppositions about this world but for the most part they have been indoctrinated by the “rat race” mentality of trying to make enough money to have things and in return they believe they will be happy.  I have a hippie friend who is sold out in his own right and another one who is praying his way into Godly ambition and it is actually bearing fruit.  Another buddy is the all-American type who is working out his salvation with fear and trembling while living the American dream to an extent.  Not a one of these folks believes the same things outside of the central message of the gospel: Jesus lived, Jesus was/is God, Jesus died for all of mankind’s sins, each person has a choice to believe in Jesus, if you believe then your life should be changed (there is deviation between the groups on this one because some of them are “once saved always saved” folks and others believe you can choose to walk away from the faith).  Outside of those central beliefs there is very little unity.  I can’t stand it.  It weighs on my soul.

Time for bed.



One thought on “I can’t stand this faith

  1. JewelFern says:

    I wish I had some words of comfort, but you know me and my beliefs. Maybe the only thing that matters is that people believe Jesus is Lord. Maybe everyone has their own way of being in contact with that Lord and has to find what works best for them. I don’t know. Maybe you are like me in that we want to change people into what we think they should be when really people are who they are & can’t/won’t change unless it suits them. Don’t lose faith, little brother. Pray & maybe God will have an answer for you.

    Love you,

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