Nothing New Under the Sun

Has anyone else every been responsible for coming up with deep thoughts on a weekly basis for others to read?  If so, then you know it is not that easy.  So this week I am not doing that.  I am going to write about what I am stressed about.

First, I have started my new job.  I officially finished working at the local Lawn Doctor this past Friday.  The new job is going well and I am gradually been molded into whatever a teacher is supposed to look like.  I have very limited knowledge on how to complete the lesson plan template that we have but I do know how to teach-sort of.  So my nerves are mainly shot when it comes to ensuring I practice legal and productive classroom management.  The paperwork will fall into place as I go.  Surely that don’t expect me to be 100% right out of the hatch.

Second, I start my Master’s coursework to become a certified teacher August 15.  That gives me two weeks to get into a groove with school, making time for my wife and kiddo, mowing on the side to make more money since I am only at 80% of full salary.  The good thing is that I only have four classes and my last one ends after lunch.  That gives me two hours at school to work on my lesson plans, which means that I should be able to get done with my Master’s coursework before supper if I really buckle down and focus.  This is encouraging.

Third, I am still in the Big Brother Big Sister program and my “Little” just got back into town.  We are supposed to meet weekly but I think I am going to have to scale that back to bi-weekly or every three weeks with phone calls in between.  I don’t know what will happen once our year is over with regards to renewing the relationship or not.  I might break away from BBBS and just stay in touch on my own.

Lastly, our church needs help just like every church does.  We are an introverted church and I want to help that change but I don’t know how.  Plus, I am too busy to really focus on it.  What we really need is what everyone who claims to be a Christian needs…an active faith that really affects who I am and that I want to share with others about.  Without that any changes that are made are superficial and won’t last.

Time to wind down.

Daddy Moose


3 thoughts on “Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. JewelFern says:

    Just remember to breathe, Little Brother. Remember to breathe.

    Love ya,

  2. Mama Diggs says:

    Hi, Keith. I am always proud of the way you conduct yourself at all times. God has a way of helping us out whether we recognize it or not right away. Also, remember, I don’t know what age group you are teaching, but this year and class is new to them, so learn as you go and you will be fine. I am dealing with a couple of problems right now that seem major to me, but minor to others. You just need to do like Amanda says “take a breath”. Don’t get so caught up in what if, can I, how do I, just do it and do your best. And along the way don’t forget to take care of Keith. Love you & your family bunches.
    Mama Diggs

  3. Granny says:

    Hi, grandson, Please don’t feel pressured to write certain things here. Whatever you write is thought provoking, and some of us are experiencing job changes, Mom and Granny,BUT, the big thing, is God always comes through with unthinking answeres to our problems, and we ask,”Why was I so overwhelmed?” That’s just human. The template will fall in place after a few tries. Your mentor will help you, I’m sure.
    Praying for you and family, and those whose lives you’re touching.

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