Time for bed

Okay, so we got in late from visiting my folks this weekend since they had my nephew in that we haven’t seen since winter and who knows when we will see him again.  That being said, I don’t have anything planned to blog about.

Take this opportunity to browse the rest of the blog and to post something under any of the other sections.  Or go back and read another blog that I wrote and comment on it.  Or don’t do anything.  Just take the week off from reading and do the hokey pokey.

Points to ponder:

For everything that you read in support of one researched topic, make sure that you are at least looking at the counter arguments that the other side presents so that you solidify the validity or invalidness of the information.

Though a man my plan his future down to the color of socks he will wear each day, he is still not in control of his future.  Life prevents the smooth sailing that we desire and we should be thankful for that.  However, planning is very wise and having goals is wonderful.  Just don’t set anything in stone.  Remain flexible and things will go smoother for you.

Lastly, if you are crunched for time constantly and can’t seem to get enough sleep then consider going to bed.  That is what I am about to do.  I start my second jobs again this week now that my shoulder has gotten better (still not 100% yet though).

Thanks for your patience,



5 thoughts on “Time for bed

  1. Daddy Moose says:

    Well put, Daddy Moose. I am biking to work this week for the first time in a month or so. Should be great weather. I just hope I can handle the faster metabolism. I want to drop about fifteen pounds to get to around 175. That is a nice comfortable, slim weight that should have me eating healthy, smaller portions in no time.

  2. Heather says:

    Am I missing something or did you comment on your own blog? That’s funny. While I am not happy that you are going back to your other side jobs I am very thankful to you for providing for us which allows me to stay at home with Constance. You are a very hard worker and that is one of the things I love about you.

    • Daddy Moose says:

      Thank you, beautiful wife of mine. I hate working as much as I do, especially for other people and considering I am still not able to provide everything (i.e. insurance for myself outside of the Veteran’s benefits I get). But, we are making it and that is what matters.

      On another note, in response to my first comment that I made, the bike ride was taxing to say the least. To and fro, I could tell that I have not biked in a while. It will get easier as the weeks go. I did okay with my eating but if I want to slim down then I need to cut out the extras that I am getting during the day. I will start leaving all cash and my debit card at the office til I get back so that I don’t spend any money while I am out.

  3. Sissy says:

    You two are funny. You live together yet you blog to each other. That’s sweet actually.

    To lose weight, up your protein intake and lower your carb intake. Congrats on the biking to work. You’re crazy, but motivated! Good luck with the losing weight. I logged into this program what I wanted to weigh and it told me I should find a happier weight. Even the programs don’t think I’ll ever weigh what I did prepregnancy! Bummer. But keep it up and let me know how you’re doing. Maybe we can help each other stay motivated?
    Love ya,

  4. Granny says:

    Just read your last June blog. Bike riding is good,EXCEPT, you have to be so careful of the cars,trucks,etc. I find any kind of bikers, especially your type,are not given respect on the roads.Please be sure you are alert all the time. A biker from Norway was killed on the Natchez Trace 3 months ago. Never heard whose fault it was.
    Love to read you and Heather conversing with other. So glad you two are such inspirations for so many. You 3 are very special, and God has some wonderful things ahead. Please take care,Much love and prayers, Granny

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