Two Masters

“No one can be a slave to two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other.  You cannot be slave of God and of money.”  Matthew 6:24

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21

Where is my treasure?  What do I put a high value on in my life that is competing with my devotion to God?

Currently, I highly value insurance for myself and my family.  A job that offers the ability to either pay for insurance out right or has some sort of help for being able to pay for insurance is on the top of my priority list, especially if we can also live comfortably (by our standards) while doing so.  The other concern I have is for my wife and kid to grow up in a safe neighborhood.  The problem with that one is that no neighborhood is entirely safe.  There is always a risk associated with life in general regardless of where you live.  However, I want the false sense of security that comes from living in a place that I believe to be safer than other places.  I don’t really have any other major priorities in my life right now.  Those two are at the forefront of my thoughts.  Everything else is secondary, including desires to live out my religious convictions and beliefs.

However, I am learning what matters most in life, at least for me at the moment.  At the present, I am still struggling with providing for my family despite not enjoying or finding fulfillment in my current employment.  That is frustrating for me.  Isn’t there supposed to be contentment in doing your work as unto the Lord?  Maybe that is the problem.  Perhaps I am not approaching my situation in a manner consistent with Biblical teachings on working as though I am working for God.  More than likely that is the case.  If I were to change my perspective to try and see things from God’s viewpoint then I would be able to find contentment where I am.  God will provide and is providing.  Can I not see that?  Maybe part of the problem is that I am trying to please me.  I am looking for fulfillment in the wrong way, not necessarily the wrong place.  If I allow God to show me what He wants from me where I am then I will find the fulfillment I am looking for.

Where is my treasure?  I think I treasure the following:  I treasure my wife and kiddo.  I treasure financial security from the standpoint of 6 months worth of living expenses saved, retirement investments going, house paid off, and investments for the kid(s) going.  I treasure reliable transportation.  I treasure safety.  I treasure life, both my own and the lives of others (even the Taliban and other terrorist organizations).  The question would then be, to what extent do I value these things and is this really what I value compared to how I live my life?

Enough for now.  Time for bed.



One thought on “Two Masters

  1. Sissy says:

    I think you’re too hard on yourself. You are the most upstanding Christian I know and still you feel you aren’t doing enough for your God. It amazes me. As far as all the things you want, these are all things we want for ourselves and our families. I have been spoiled and not realized how good I actually have it. You work so hard and strive for so much and here I have everything handed to me. You make me appreciate my husband even more. I wish I could make you not fret the things you do, but I know that’s impossible. The least I can do is encourage you to stay the course you are choosing for your life’s future and know that somehow, the things we do today prepare us for tomorrow, even if we don’t see it now. You are an excellent hardworking provider for your family. Maybe your contentment in your job can come from knowing that fact. Maybe your contentment can come from knowing you won’t be doing it forever. Maybe from the fact that you are employed while other American’s can’t find work. I don’t know. I know you aren’t satisfied and that’s okay. Keep striving towards your goals and don’t get discouraged. Be patient. The life you envision for yourself will come–it just takes time.

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