My Baby’s Mother

Her tired body and numbed mind are stirred with a kiss on her head.

He tells his sleepy wife that he loves her and to stay in bed as he heads to work.

She is awakened shortly afterward by her bundle of joy who slept through the night.

Although tired and hungry, this strong and gentle woman rises to tend to her little girl.

She peeks over the bassinet to see chubby cheeks smiling back at her.  Her heart melts.

The day begins.  The routine is quasi-set.  Diaper change, feeding, play-time, diaper change, nap time, repeat.

Intermingled into mommy-daughter time are lots of things the baby finds neat.

Mommy reads her books, counts her toes, gives her a bath, plays with her nose.

She givers her toys to chew on, lets her hop up and down in her doorway bouncer.

One day she will see Winnie the Pooh and relate well with Tigger the Pouncer.

Some days she enjoys a bath where she gets all clean and pretty.

Her mom does such a good job of bathing off all the nitty gritty.

Both of them are changing day after day.

Daddy comes home and he likes to play.

She needs a break (which one, both of them he thinks), so he does what he can, including dishes in the sink.

The bedtime routine is odd but consistent.  A little cereal to fill the belly up an hour before sleep.

Some bouncer time ensures there is no energy for a late night squeak.

Her diaper is changed, her pajamas are snug, daddy is hit and miss as to whether he was attacked by the sleep bug.

And on the bed in dim lights, poor tired mom gently nurses her bundle of joy.

She lays the baby down and bundles her tight. The heavyweight, swaddled babe is out for the night.

She brushes her teeth and climbs into bed where she and her husband kiss, this time not on the head.  They talk a little and then sleep takes them away.

After all, this has to be repeated each and every day.

And what a blessing it is to know that my wife is such a great mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Sweetie!



3 thoughts on “My Baby’s Mother

  1. Heather says:

    Bahahaha! That was great! You are so creative. Thanks for the encouragement! I love you.

  2. Ma K says:

    What a sweet tribute to Heather, and a wonderful rendition of the everyday routine of all the work and love and joy of having a little baby. That is awesome, Keith! You are such a good hubby.

  3. Granny says:

    What a wonderful husband and father you are. God is surely looking down and smiling and you three are a wonderful example of His family on earth.

    Much love and prayers, Granny

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