What motivates you?  What fills your soul with purpose, joy, fulfillment, etc.?

What are you doing to exercise that fulfillment?

I don’t know what motivates me.  I have thought that it was several different things, and in the end it may be.  The greatest fulfillment I have ever experienced was in the Philippines on an evangelical mission trip.  From sun-up to sun-down we were engaged in people.  I loved it.  I loved the interaction with the kids especially.  They were all about being on my video camera, especially when I got to show them what they looked like.  It was fascinating to them.  I sang for them, talked to them, did hand puppets, and just enjoyed being around their smiling faces.  The adults were almost indifferent but they were friendly in their own way.  I represented a different way of life to them.  The living conditions were very basic but it was all that was needed.  There was no television, radio, or computer for me to loose myself in.  All I had was people, prayer, and the Bible.

That may sound cheesy to an extent but to me that is fulfillment to the max.  I cannot imagine the joy that would come from living that life each day.  The struggles, the hope, the personal investment, the excitement, the lull, the fellowship.  It is amazing.

Maybe I will find it again some day.  For now, I will just keep being Keith and seeing how that turns out.

Sorry for the shortness and lack of depth on this post.  I am about to go to bed after a long day but I wanted to be faithful to get it out before my “posting day” passes.  Thanks for reading and please leave comments.  Tell me what you are passionate about.




3 thoughts on “Impassioned

  1. Kim L says:

    I’d have to say I am mostly impassioned by being involved with helping people too. There’s nothing that energizes me more than ministering to people in some way, whether it is feeding them, helping them, encouraging them, teaching them, praying for them, or whatever… I don’t do that as much as I’d like to, though. I think I definitely spend too much time on the computer and watching television, instead of ministering and helping others to the level God wants me to. I’m hoping that is something that will change in the near future. I’d like to get rid of our television completely, but not everyone in our household is in agreement with that!

    • daddymoose says:

      We have talked about getting rid of “things” before as well. What holds us back is that we would just replace that “thing” with something else. If we are going to change then we can make the change with the item present (although that is easier said than done). We don’t watch as much television as we used to and getting rid of cable helped tremendously but now that we have the converter box for the rabbit ears we have access to more channels. That is okay so far but it can lead to wasting our lives away.

      Nobody ever does as much as they would like to do with their passion. I think you are exercising your gifts regularly and that is awesome. I am a bundled box waiting to be unwrapped at the moment and God is doing some things right now to open those doors. It is so hard waiting though! Keep up the great work you are doing with the Warrior Chicks and really think about having a sword that you all can purchase with your favorite scripture on it or something. I think that would be so awesome!

      • Kim L says:

        I’ll be excited to see all God does in your life WHEN He unwraps all those gifts He has placed in you! I’m one of your biggest fans, and am praying for you daily.

        Love and Hugs

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