The Game of Tens

This is out of Patrick Morley’s book The Man in the Mirror:

1. Can you name the ten wealthiest men in the world?
2. Can you name the ten most admired men in America?
3. Can you name the top ten corporate executives in America?
4. Can you name the last ten presidents of the United States?
5. Can you name the last ten Nobel Prize winners?
6. Can you name the ten members of President Carter’s Cabinet?

To go a step further, play the Game of Tens this way:

1. Name your ten best friends.
2. Name ten family members who love you.
3. Name the ten most memorable experiences of your life.
4. Name ten people who you think will attend your funeral.
5. Name ten questions you want to ask God.

Mr. Morely writes, “Significance is not possible unless what we do contributes to the welfare of others.”

He goes on to write the following questions:

1. Am I trying to win the rat race?
2. Do I fully understand how God keeps score?
3. Am I leading a life of faith, love, obedience, and service?
4. What is my highest hope?
5. How did I score on the Game of Tens?
6. Am I pursuing significance or self-gratification?
7. Am I disillusioned with materialism?
8. Has my passive indifference contributed to the decaying state of the nation?
9. Have I been looking for significance in inappropriate ways?
10. Am I willing to pay the price if the cost of being a Christian goes up?
11. Am I a talker or a doer?
12. Have I been faithful with what God has entrusted to me?
13. Do I regularly study God’s Word, so that He can show me the purpose for my life?
14. Am I contributing to God’s agenda? Do I even know what God’s agenda is?
15. Am I a cultural Christian or a biblical Christian?

Time for bed. Feel free to come back to the post each day to give yourself time to digest the questions and hopefully apply some changes to your life. I will be doing the same.

Introspectively yours,


Morley, Patrick. The Man in the Mirror: solving the 24 problems men face. Zondervan Publishing House: Grand Rapids, MI. 1997.


2 thoughts on “The Game of Tens

  1. Greg says:

    OUCH!!! My toes are hurting after that one. Time to make some changes 🙂

  2. Boris says:

    I feel your toe pain, Brother Greg. I just went back through to read them again and I find myself seeking significance in areas that don’t matter in light of eternity and compared to the people close to me. My life is so full of doing things that I forget that this world is full of people.

    Thanks for posting.


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