Obedience to Health

Well, here we are again. Another week, another Monday on the horizon, another cold and dreary day ahead with a boss who doesn’t know how to lead and manage his company because he was taught incorrectly by his dad, and his dad’s dad. Such is life and such is the way of business, or so I think that is the way.

The meat of this post is about healthy living as far as food selection and portions is concerned. I struggle with this area of a healthy lifestyle. I love food. I love to eat and to eat a lot. I have weened myself off of heavily caffeinated products like coffee, sweet tea, and carbonated caffeine products. I still drink green tea and decaff coffee but I have done really well about staying away from the others. I am slowly cutting out high fat foods (fried foods, or precooked foods that were fried) and spicy dishes (I have had to give up one of my favorites, chili and another dish that we call Yummy Mexican). Sounds good so far, right? My problem is with my portions that I stuff into my face, the speed at which I do this, and the lack of control. I talked to a buddy of mine and we determined that it is not about self-control but obedience.

How can you obey and not have self-control? The key is in defining the two terms. Self-control is when you are able to control the emotion or desire that is taking place and are able to replace it with the proper emotion or desire. Obedience does not rely on your emotional state. It is as simple as denying yourself the emotion or desire that you are wanting to experience. My problem has been trying to exercise self-control and not obedience. I am going to try this different approach starting tomorrow morning and see what happens. In order to be successful though I have to have the proper motivation and a plan.

Motivation to obey: For me, it is all about God having laws in place regarding what is healthy for us to eat and what isn’t. There are differing thoughts on this but I am of the belief that the food laws will still work and are the best thing that we can follow to eat healthy (if you can find non-preserved and unprocessed food). So my motivation stems from God having laws that tell me how to live a healthy, disease free life if I eat what He says I should eat. Secondly, my motivation is a disease free life for the sake of living longer to experience more of the joy from being a husband, dad, hopefully granddad, friend, brother, son, etc… Lastly, it feels good to be healthy. How much more motivation can I possibly need?

Another key component is understanding how to eat. I need to chew my food thoroughly, a minimum of twenty chews per bite (put my utensil down between each bite and count the chews). I can use a the smallest plate we have and only get one serving on that dish or bowl. I need to drink water throughout my day (I typically already drink 64oz a day so I will probably try to up that intake a little). Snacks need to be healthy and of the right substance (protein and fiber are the best stomach fillers because they break down the slowest compared to carbohydrates). That means eating a meat or some sort vegetable/fruit in between meals. The key is still slowly chewing and making sure I am drinking plenty of water. The killer is the evening meal. That is typically when I blow it. I am tired, sleepy, and normally hungry. I should probably eat a light snack when I first get in so that I don’t overeat at the main meal.

I will keep posting on the success of this mindset switch intermittently. Thanks for reading.

Boris (no spell check on this one tonight, I am too tired)


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