Abortion and Obama

How do I think when my brain is doing good just to remember how to change a diaper?

A friend called me today to talk about the stance of his pastor and church on the election. He and his wife both see the issue of abortion as the primary issue for the election. To have voted for Obama is to sin against God. He is not holding himself as self-righteous or perfect but simply saying that he believes that this is an absolute truth and when you vote for someone who is going to appoint Supreme Court judges, promote legislation, and inact legislation that supports and encourages abortion then it is a sin. He uses two similar instances that are well known in history to support this mindset of abortions being morally good. First, the Nazi German genocide of Jews that took place throughout Europe during WWII. The people in the various cities where concentration camps were located looked the other way and many believed and were indoctrinated with the belief that Jews were inferior humans who were on par with livestock. The second historical evidence he uses is slavery. When Christians during the slavery years of America and even England considered people of a different skin color to be sub-human they were able to treat them as such (look at our original Constitution with regards to determining the population of state, slaves were to be counted by at a lesser rate than men). For a Christian to say that these are not the same thing as what is happening today then your justification needs to be supported Biblically in some way regarding the when God sees a child as human. Do not deceive yourself.

He argues that this is the supreme issue of the day, much like idolatry was the supreme issue during a lot of Israel’s history, slavery was the primary moral issue during the late 1800’s in America (although the civil war was about state’s rights and not slavery initially), and the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome were the moral issue of that era. All other issues are second to it because of the numbers of people that are affected by it, both born and unborn. If you want numbers I can get him to give me the statistics.

The question for Christians now centers around how to support, or better yet, whether to support this Presidency or not? In one way, we are commanded to obey those in authority over us (Romans 13) but this pertains to obeying the laws of the nation, not supporting or speaking out against our leaders and their actions.

As always, we should be praying for President Elect Obama and Joe Bidden and we should be working in our local area and investing in people’s lives to teach them about the commands of God and the power of the Resurrection of Jesus for those who believe. While we should be very concerned with our government and how it affects our lives our ultimate focus should be our own lives as we relate to the people around us. Call sin out, preach repentance and belief, and show people that the reason you don’t support the current administration is about your love for the unborn children not your hate of the ways of men. Pray for the unborn to be protected from harmful legislation and that any attempts to further support agencies like Planned Parenthood will be thwarted and that Christians will invest in their community Crisis Pregnancy Centers during this critical time in our nation’s history (aren’t they all critical times?).

Boris the Illusionist


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