Little Thinking

Well, here it is another Sunday with not a lot to write about. I have completely enjoyed being off of work four days out of the past two weeks plus the weekends. Now it will be back to the normal work week.

Our little girl is doing great. Apparently her breathing trouble is nothing more than her getting too excited about feeding time. That was great to find out and I have been very impressed with our Pediatric Hospital here in town.

I find it interesting that my wife is ultimately fulfilled in her roles as wife and mother, while I need the third dimension of a career to be fulfilling in addition to my roles as husband and father. After talking about it I concluded that if I was a stay-at-home dad then I believe that I would only desire fulfillment in the husband and dad role. I guess I “feel” like I need fulfillment at work because I spend so much time there and I don’t want to be wasting that time simply for a paycheck to put a roof over our heads and food on the table, however admirable to some people that may be.

Football season is coming to a close. I have watched more football this year than I have over the past ten years. It has been great, except for the Cowboys getting thrashed by the Eagles and loosing their wild card slot after starting the season so well. I have been contemplating switching teams but I really don’t know who I would go with and whether I would still be allowed in my dad’s and father-in-law’s homes anymore since they are both big Cowboy fans. I am sure they would be understanding but there is bound to be some good natured ribbing if I do switch. College has been the most fun to watch but I still have yet to understand the BCS system or to pick out a favorite college team to follow. I just like watching the level of intensity that they bring to the field.

Well, with very little to say, and nothing really pressing in my mind, I guess this will be the most lame blog post that I have made so far.

I will leave you with a question that hit me during the sermon this morning:

“Do I want a political Jesus to rule my life and give me laws to follow or do I want a personal Jesus who will change the very nature of my existence as I relate to the people around me?” I lean towards the political Jesus but I know that I have experienced the personal Jesus and that is where I find the most fulfillment and completeness. Now to figure out how to surrender to Him again.



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