Relationships and YOU

It is hard to think today. We had a rough night with our newborn daughter not breathing to well. The doctor believes that she just needs some saline drops and nose suction to get her on track, coupled with a meeting with the lactation consultant. Hopefully that works. So we got to bed around 2:30 a.m. and with one feeding in between, were able to sleep til 8:50 a.m. Not bad. Since I have kicked heavy caffeine intake then my hot liquid (what my wife calls decaf coffee since it has no value) does not really do a lot to give me energy, however brief it would be.

I guess I want to take some time to encourage any one reading this to do a couple of things. First, take up reading or audio books. I try to read a cross range of genre constantly. I recently finished Collin Powell’s autobiography and just the other day I finished the Fellowship of the Ring (the first book in the Lord of the Rings triology). Currently I am reading a book about raising daughters, another book called the Ragamuffin Gospel (I highly encourage everyone to read this one), and I plan on starting the second Lord of the Rings book-The Two Towers. I like having about three books going at any given point.

Second, take an inventory of the relationships you have in your life where you are either investing in someone or they are investing in you (or both). What fringe relationships do you have that you could put a little more effort into and make an impact on someone’s life? I think this is one area that the church body and mankind in general are hurting to grasp. Stop with all the programs about evangelism. Look around you to see where you can do one of three things:

1) Relationship evangelism that is about you living as an example to someone and genuinely caring for them. What matters is you showing that you care about them and not about what they think. Don’t be in the relationship to change the person. Be in the relationship to love the person and to be their friend.

2) Discipleship relationships. This requires you to know what you are talking about or to admit that you don’t know and do some research together. If your relationships are stagnate then this may be the cause. See how you can grow your friend and yourself to stretch your knowledge and understanding of God. Third, allow yourself to be mentored. If nobody is investing in you then you will always think that you know everything there is to know. A book is great for learning what you don’t know, but only in a relationship can someone help to guide you as you seek to change, or as they help you initiate change.

3) Have fun, enjoy living in the good and bad moments. I was pulled over last night on the way back from the hospital at 1:50 in the morning. My light was out. I didn’t stress, but I think that was mainly due to the waking coma I was in from lack of sleep. I could have gotten angry or upset. But my headlight was out and I needed to know that. I thanked the cop and went on my way, no ticket. How awesome is that! I heard a sermon once that I use every now and then when things are not going well (whether big or small). What does ___________ matter in light of eternity? Whatever your problem is then put that in the blank. How does the situation look in light of eternity. Some things will be significant, i.e. caring for a family member who you want to see enjoying the love of God but who is refusing.

Well, the baby is crying and we need to figure out what is happening.


Boris the Illusionist


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