On My Mind

Naturally, what is on a new father’s mind but the responsibility and joy that accompanies fatherhood.

First, I am already learning morsels of wisdom such as “you may get mad at me for doing this to you but it is for your own good.” Time management is critical. Every moment counts so instead of turning on the television to zone out you have to be doing laundry, dishes, preparing for work, making sure that the bills get paid still, updating your blog, giving individual time to your wife, petting the cats, oiling the squeaking chair, putting up the new dry erase board, and keeping the house clean. I am sure there is more but that is all I could come up with off the top of my head.

Second, I did not have an epiphany like I thought I was supposed to when Constance was born. It was really awesome to participate in and watch but the Cupid’s arrow that I thought would hit me at the moment I laid eyes on Constance did not strike. I thought and said, “this is amazing, she is all purple!”. When she was first born she had trouble breathing adequately due to her lungs being “wet” with fluid she had swallowed. The awesome women in the ICU Nursery took real good care of her and we had her back within a few hours. However, since having her home with just some daddy time, that inseparable bond is forming and growing rapidly. Last night about 3 a.m. I sent mom to bed after she was finished feeding and I got to hold my little girl and sleep with her nestled in my arms on the couch until the alarm sounded for the next feeding. She had been fussy for the entire time between her midnight feeding and the 3 a.m. one but in my arms with her full belly all was well. It was great. She and I were both so content, she to be held and me to be holding her, my little girl.

Third, the Mrs. and I are sleepy. We are probably going to take an afternoon siesta here in the next few minutes. I am slowly learning to prioritize appropriately. Priorities change when little one’s enter your life. I knew they would but I could not foresee in what way that would occur. Now that she is here it is still not clear but it is coming to fruition.

Fourth, I have to go. Time is precious.

Blessings to all,

Boris the Illusionist


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