Overcoming Depression

How do people do it? How do we get up each morning (or whenever you wake up from slumber) and put our two feet on the floor to get to work, school, daycare, etc…? I have been so depressed this past week with the mundaneness of my work. For me it is not so much the job itself as it is the lack of leadership within the organization. I thrive on goals, incentives, and affirmation of a job well done. I do not have that where I currently work. Sure, I set my own goals but even if I achieve them then the only person that says anything to me is myself. That is frustrating. I read somewhere that every person alive needs affirmation.

I think it is how we are made. But I really don’t know the why as much as I know the “I need it” part.

You might ask me, “then, Boris, why keep working at the same job?” Well, I am trying to find other employment but I am also trying to make changes at work. The other reason to keep working is that I have bills to pay each month. If I don’t work then who will look after my wife and my little girl (she is not here yet but within the next few weeks she will be). But even with needing to pay the bills there are days where it is tempting to simply quit my current employment and forge ahead on my own into whatever other job will have me. For those of you who know me, that seems to be the way I do business. I have had 13 jobs in the past 3.4 years. Try that for a record that not many will try to break on purpose. I have hated every last one of the jobs that I have had, well, except one (there was this one-time job that I did for a lady who needed a sign designed and painted, so I did that, it was really cool but didn’t turn out like it should have).

Anyways, I am just kind of venting today. I take the Praxis I tests tomorrow for the first step in trying to become a teacher. I do not know if that is what I will enjoy doing either, but if nothing else it gives me a lot of time off to pursue other lines of work. It is going to be quite tough to get into teaching though, from the looks of it,so I am hoping that it is something I fall in love with doing. I think it will, but I truly do not know. I mean, when was the last time you talked to a teacher who actually enjoyed teaching these days? The kids are horrible and they do not know the meaning of respect, honor, integrity, and obedience. God forbid you lay a finger on them either. You will get the school system sued and you fired faster than you can find your television remote and turn your tv on to see it on the evening news!

I gotta go.

Merry Sunday,

Boris the Illusionist


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Depression

  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand the feeling of need to be valadated in your work. Sometimes you keep at it because you know others depend on you. Everyone has bills so that is a given. You do need to feel a sense of achievement, even if it is self given. Also, all humans need a pat on the back. It’s the human connection that we all crave and need. That is also why children will do the wrong things over and over. They need to attention, even if it is the negative. SO go adults. As for a job that you love. I know very few people that have that. Most work to be able to pay the bills then enjoy their money doing what they love. If you find a job with both you are a very lucky person. I do believe it can be done though. With riches comes responsibility. I am doing what I thought would make me happy but I still have other things I’d like to do. I am not the happiest I’ve ever been in my job but I hope that will change as I adjust to new changes that have been made. In the mean time, I try to do things I enjoy when not working. I can always start looking for something else to work at later on. But as I said, we all have bills so you just do the best you can and keep on loving and laughing. Life is too short to always look at work, job, home, bills etc, in a negative way. Just keep on enjoying the good stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how people do it, either. I’ve watched my husband go to work for many years without any love for his job, and in fact much frustration over many of the same issues you are talking about. I guess the motivation is the same: to look after me, and our children when they were home, and to make sure the bills are paid.

    I can’t speak for you, but I believe the only way to survive in this world is to get our ultimate satisfaction and affirmation from God. The Bible says we are to do all things heartily unto God, and not to men. When we are working for God, then we also are coming under His authority and His blessing. AND the Bible says He will reward us. We don’t always know what form that reward will take. But I know that if we sow, and do things God’s way, we will eventually reap a harvest. I know you love God with all your heart, and am praying that God will direct your steps (the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God). As He does that, you will find the career that will bring you much satisfaction, and bring God the most glory!

    Love you bunches,
    Ma Kim

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