The role of Christians in America

This is going to be a short post on my part. I simply want you, the reader, to follow the link below to an article that a guy named Cal Thomas wrote. The link is going to take you to his website to the article that was printed November 5, 2008 in papers nationwide. I want to know what you guys think about this and answer the main question that he brings up without actually stating it: Is it possible to not legislate morality and still be free to express and live your beliefs in a nation that permits things that you deem immoral? Secondly, if you are a Christian, how does this article challenge your understanding of the Christian’s role within political America?

Thanks for reading and I really hope you guys respond. I loved the interaction this past week.

Here is the article, you will have to copy and paste into a new window:

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3 thoughts on “The role of Christians in America

  1. HeartQueen248 says:

    Well Lil Bro, I can tell you this:

    I do agree with what this guy is saying even though you know my religious beliefs. If Christians really do want to make a difference they’re going to have to start living by the word of Jesus Christ–not just showing up to church on Sunday, giving money to causes,and electing government officials to office. You can’t impose Christian values through government because in this great country, the government is not just “ruling” over Christians. We as a nation are a melting pot of religions and beliefs.

    Being a Christian means living the life, and I’ve seen too many Christians who don’t. They want to impose the big beliefs on people (ie, abortion is murder, same sex marriage is sinful, etc {which by the way, I don’t carry these views}), but when it comes to forgiving your neighbor or looking at one’s own log in their eye, they refuse.

    I have heard HATE come from the mouths of Christians towards others including our now new president–calling him the antichrist and saying he’s a Muslim and all Muslims should be blown to bits. Doesn’t sound too Christ-like to me.

    You know, as a spiritual person and a student of all religions, I can say that I never had much of a problem with Jesus Christ himself. He wanted a better life for his fellow man no matter if they were Jew, or Roman; virgin, or prostitute; clean, or ravaged with disease. He lived what he believed and I’ve always had to give him much respect for that.

    However, I have been approached by Christians today that talk about their beliefs and invite me to church and I just can’t give myself up to one religion. Maybe it has something to do with how I’ve seen Christians live. Maybe it’s because I can’t put the almighty GOD into a little box called religion and say I understand–because I don’t.

    However, some people are looking for something deep to believe in and if more Christians were willing to demonstrate the word of Jesus instead of condemning everyone who isn’t like them to hell, or trying to stick someone in office to take care of things for them, then maybe other people would come around to this religion of Christianity.

    “Practice what you preach” has lost it’s meaning because many Christians preach condemnation anymore. Maybe the saying should be changed to “Practice what Jesus preached.” Perhaps then the morals of Christianity could be seen first hand and the number of TRUE Christians would grow.

    But those are just my thoughts as a non-religious spiritual human being.

    Love you all,

  2. Boris says:

    Well written, Sis. I like what you said at the end about “practice what Jesus preached” instead of “practice what you preach”. That has a nice ring to it.

    One counter comment to ponder. If you could be shown that a historical Jesus was real, and that the resurrection is real from a historical proof (i.e. how do we know anything in history is true except through historical proof), then would you be willing to consider the claims that Jesus made as applied to your own life? I am not asking you to buy into the Western Christian way of thinking. I am asking you if you would be willing to follow the teachings of a real, authentic dude who in Hebrew was called Joshua but we know as Jesus?

    If you are interested in hearing me out then just send me an email. I can’t do it all off the top of my head but I can via email.

    Again, I agree with your post regarding pathetic, contemporary Christainity (and this includes myself). Look at the new post for further thoughts.

    Lil’ Bro. Boris

  3. Boris says:

    Here is another comment from someone who read the article but did not have the ability to post:

    This says so clearly what I have had in my heart since the election. When I realized that the young voters were greatly responsible for his election, there was profound grief at how the Church had so missed our role of influence in our society. I have certainly sensed that we as the Church need to have our “mouths in the dust” (Lam.3), truly seeking to hear what the Lord would say to us instead of scrambling to regroup politically to see how we can be on the offensive to whatever moves this new administration will take.


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