What just happened to America?

I had to make an unscheduled post due to the election results that are now in. First thing worth mentioning is that the Electoral College will not vote until December 15th, however, due to the landslide number of apportioned electoral votes at this point I don’t see them voting the opposite of what appears to be a 3:1 victory for Obama.

Second, Americans just voted for one of three types of candidates: 1-Socialist, 2-Liberal Republican who has the faint touch of a Democratic Republic in him, 3-Libertarian (state’s rights, federal government only has power that is explicitly spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights).

Third, the premise for how people voted will differ but I believe it comes down to a couple of presuppositions. First, if you believe that you have a right to health care and necessity support (vouchers or money for food, shelter, clothing) then you would vote for Socialism. Second, if you believe that the pursuit of happiness does not mean that you get given what you need (to include shelter, food, and clothing)by the government then you would vote for the Liberal Republican or the Libertarian. This is the basic foundation for how people voted.

Fourth, none of these approaches is right or wrong in essence. They do differ drastically. The part that is frightening to me is the upcoming decisions on abortion, the death penalty, and how freedom of religion is to be seen by our Federal Court System. Those are moral issues that are going to be addressed over the next four years. If Obama was pro-life and an evangelical church member then I wouldn’t care about the move towards Socialism other than I disagree with him economically and from a free will/free market stand point.

Romans 13 tells me that no person has been put in authority or a position of power without God allowing it. They are there to see that justice is done (not morality but in essence you can’t have justice without a moral code). Paul also says to pay taxes to whom they are due, as well as respect and honor. Respect and honor are not feelings, they are attitudes. I do not care for Obama’s policies but if he is approved by the Electoral College then I will do my best to give him respect and honor. That means watching my speech about him and my attitude towards whatever changes to my income that are made. If I disagree then I need to do so based on why I disagree and what I would like to see in its place. Complaining just to hear yourself complain does not solve anyone’s problems.

This is a long post so I will end it now. I hope it is read and I hope that it brings some encouragement or at least clarity to our current situation.




7 thoughts on “What just happened to America?

  1. andy says:

    hey brother,
    I agree with you for the most part. Most of all that we need to stand behind our leader for the next four years. Everyone complained about Bush. I would like to see our nation united behind our leader and all standing together. Even when disagreements arise they should be handled in a respectful intelligent manner. I have much respect for Obama and look forward to seeing him as our president, and I voted for the other guy.

  2. HeartQueen248 says:

    I’ve got to be honest here, Lil Bro. This is a much bigger issue than Socialism versus Libertarianism. What happened in this election was a huge step forward for America in a different way!

    Yesterday was the first day I ever got butterflies in thinking that the day after, we would know who our new president would be. And this morning, when I heard the news, I cried real tears of joy through laughter. This historic day of America finally electing the first African-America person as president really brought so much pride to my heart that I couldn’t contain it. Finally! We are pushing through the prejudices and allowing great men to do great things no matter their race/culture. I love it! Next, I hope we can make as much progress in accepting others who are of different gender, religion, and sexual orientation. (I know I will get some disagreements here.) WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS ON ONE PLANET. We must learn to love each other and never be prejudice towards another for any reason. And right now, I am proud when I look at our NEW president and I can know that the minds and hearts of the United States are opening to allowing the changes we need to make this wonderful nation even better! No matter if he’s not another crusty old white man!! Haha! (Sorry I had to throw that in there.)

    Now I know Obama won’t bring about the change America needs by himself. But I dare say, when I listen to him, I hear GENUINE desire to do right by her citizens. I know that every night, he has to go home and look at those little girls and know that he’s not only working for the present, but also for future generations. I believe in him and will stand behind him. And Yes of course, I casted my vote for Obama-PROUDLY as a citizen (and a Southerner) of these great United States. I have never been so passionate about someone being elected to office!

    I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Boris says:


    It is not bigger than socialism verses a free market. You have bought into a fantasy world where you think that one man can make changes that will create some kind of utopia society where everyone is on level playing field. It is not going to happen. The only real change that Obama is going to have power over is the two Supreme Court Justices that will more than likely be replaced while he is in office. That is a huge thing because of the role that the Supreme Court has been playing in legislating morality through improper interpretation of the Constitution.

    Yes, it is amazing that a partially African-American man has gotten elected President. Keep in mind that he only got about 53% of the actual votes. That means that 47% of the people who voted thought otherwise. I don’t like socialism. I disagree with the economics of it. I don’t care if Obama was white, old, and crusty; I would still not agree with his positions on taxes, education, abortion, and foreign affairs.

    The point is that our government is now headed towards a “take from the rich and give to the poor” side of running things with a Democrat controlled Congress and White House. That is the fact.

    If you want to get all emotional because somebody spouts off words of “hope” and “change” then fine, whatever floats your boat. What policies did you like of Obama’s? Keep in mind that he can’t do anything unless Congress sends something to his desk to sign. However, Congress will definitely be sending him all kinds of legislation that goes against a free market system (just like they did, Republicans included, especially our president, with the $700 billion dollar bailout).

    Have you looked at the Constitutionalist position? If you want change that will truly empower you to succeed then that is the ticket to hop on.

    You should post a definition of prejudice that you are referring to in your previous post. The way you used it seemed to say that if I don’t believe that what you believe is right then I am being prejudiced.

    This is what I have been looking for response wise. Thanks for posting.

    Boris (and don’t give my real name away, please)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have had to pick myself up from the dept of despair since Tuesday and force myself not to be physically sick with the choice of president. I have also had to endure many nanny nanny boo boo’s from smug democrats who see Obama as Jesus Christ in the flesh.
    My issue is that the flood gates will be opened on abortion and millions of Americans will never draw a breath because they are not extended human rights.
    Obama would be Hitlers hero.
    How long ago did we fight a civil war to establish that African American’s were humans and should have human rights? That was honorable and just. We should have elected a person who first and foremost would not have sanctioned killing unborn humans.
    may God have mercy on us.

  5. HeartQueen248 says:

    Little Brother,

    First of all, I did not buy into some “fantasy world” as you put it. I already stated that I knew Obama would not make changes by himself.

    Second of all, I do agree with Obama on many issues. For instance, I am pro-choice. I don’t like it as far as being used for a post-contraceptive, but sometimes things happen like contraceptive failure. And yes, I am all for the morning after pill. While I hate abortion past the first trimester, I also feel that the mother’s body, mind, and spirit are her own. No one should decide what’s best for her other than herself. If rape, incest, or the mother’s life is endagered…Yes, yes, and yes!–She should most certainly have the right to make that decision…NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

    I also believe that EVERYONE is entitled to healthcare. The cost of it all has become so extreme, especially prescriptions, that maybe the government does need to get their hands in there and make insurance and healthcare affordable for everyone. Thank God for my husband’s insurance; if not for that, I would be paying over$350 monthly for a month’s supply of medication! Ridiculous! Something must be done!

    I do agree with what I’ve heard Obama speaking on foreign affairs. Whatever happened to talking things out with your fellow man? Why are we as such a poweful country so eager to jump into war? Now, don’t get me wrong…I know Saddamm was an evil man who needed to be taken out, but we weren’t through with Bin Laden yet! Now what?? Are we supposed to wage war with everyone who we disagree with?? WE DON’T RULE THE WORLD! Why do we feel we need to police it?? Talking should be the first step in everything. Communication is key to peace. I believe that! And McCain laughed at the idea of “talking to our enemies.” It feels to me that when Christians (Caucasian Christians especially)who claim they should be kinder to their fellow humans, see that their fellow human is of a different culture, race, or religion, then they have no tolerance and are more apt to attack out of fear. (But maybe this is just my experience in dealing with being raised a white girl in the south.) Once we realize that every human deserves to be heard, maybe peace can come. And for those leaders who don’t want to do anything to make the world a better place and just want to rule and dictate, maim and kill their own people…well, is war really the answer? What ever happened to assassination (as a last resort) to keep our troops out of it? And yes, that country may rally against us, but not if they don’t know who was behind it? There are organizations who can do these things without ever being known. Call me niave, go ahead. But I believe there are better ways to do things than police the entire world.

    I’ve got to get ready for work now, but I’d love to continue this conversation at a later date. I’m actually not finished talking…such as about education and how anyone who hasn’t taught school can understand the time and hassle it takes to teach anymore..because it’s no longer about teaching kids…it’s about raising them, about paperwork, and about redtape. More ridiculousness!

    Love you kiddo!

  6. G Holland says:

    For those of you that don’t know me, I am “Lil Bro’s” dinosaur great aunt. I want to point out something that might help: Cal Thomas is a usually conservative journalist and has views much different from mine, until the one I read in the paper yesterday. It is entitled “Evangelicals won’t succeed unless hearts change” and if interested in reading it, go to http://www.djournal.com and go to search previous articles and type in “Cal Thomas” or just go to the website and look at the Nov. 7th online paper. I am not computer savvy like many of you, and didn’t want to waste the blog space by cutting and pasting. Nevertheless, my hope is that we as a nation can set aside prejudice, unrealistic demands and expectations, and do our part to heal this country. I refer to Epicticus, a 1st century B. C. philosopher who said, “Man is not upset by things, but the view he takes of them.” To be politically correct in the 21st century, it would read: “People (men and women) are not upset by what is happening, but the view taken of it.” It is still difficult for me to accept, at times, that there are beliefs that others have that I disagree with, and although I can’t change their views, I can address how I view the individuals. I have been a social worker and mental health therapist all my adult career and know first hand about poverty, lack of education, despair, despair, despair. For that reason, I tend to be more “liberal” than is often popular in the Deep South. So be it. I am not much of a blogger nor do I have a lot of time to sit in front of the computer, but I have become more involved in what is happening in our country than I have in a long time, and I do enjoy reading what is said.

  7. Boris says:

    Please see the next main post for a continuation of this topic in more narrow form. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from all on topics in the future.


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