Something to Ponder

“All thinking is from presuppositions. There can be no thinking without presuppositions, and therefore, all respectable thinking is from sound presuppositions. Any “neutrality” in science, philosophy or religion is fictional. The only respectable procedure is to admit that one thinks from presuppositions and to choose those presuppositions in a responsible manner.” Dr. Bernard Ramm

A presupposition is nothing more than the building block(s) that help us organize our beliefs/actions. An example of a presupposition is taken from The Declaration of Independence when it reads, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The “truths” that they refer to are nothing more than presuppositions. Take a moment to consider the presuppositions of those who helped to break away from English presuppositions and found the united American states/colonies, in a loose sense-not to be confused with the later adoption of the Constitution which lead to a formal Union of those defined states.

What presuppositions do I have? What about yourself?

I approach marriage as a covenant between myself and God, not as a contract between my wife and I. Therefore, I do not have a right to think about divorce nor to bring it up in any fashion (even in my unspoken thoughts). For more on marriage see the July/August postings in the archives.

I believe that man is inherently wicked, evil, sinful (take your pick). Though we may do good deeds from time to time, I have never met anyone nor read about anyone who I would classify as inherently good. You can see it in babies even prior to birth and without a doubt in the first couple of years of life. Psychologist would probably call it the ego but I call it sin.

I believe that there is one God who made all that exists.

I believe that the God who made me also wants me to be in a relationship with Him and has made it possible to know Him.

I believe that no other person in the world knows how to drive so I must drive as best I see fit within the confines of the law in order to maintain personal safety.

I believe a lot more but I don’t have room nor time to write them all. I challenge you to think about what you believe or presuppose and how it affects/effects your worldview and how you interact with people in your daily life. Prejudices over race, wealth verses poor among us, and how we view the “average” soldier? What about our political leaders, what presuppositions do we bring to the table about Washington, D.C. politics? What do we believe that isn’t true or that we don’t have all the facts about, if there are facts to be had? Can we change? Are we willing to change?

Boris the Illusionist


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