Here I am, a recovering sick person

Well, my 5th anniversary has come and gone. I was laid up in bed sick with a head cold and sore throat for most of it. We did order pizza though, which was amazing (for those of you who know me, you know my love for pizza has yet to die after 29 years).

I have been reading a few books here lately that I am trying to implement into my life. One is called, Living Well on One Income: In a two income world and it is very practical and insightful for saving a few dollars here and there. The other is called The Maker’s Diet. It is very interesting to read and challenges my current eating habits on an extreme level. I think what I like best about the eating book is how thorough it is in educating the reader to what is really going on in our bodies and why things work like they do. Instead of just telling me how to eat, he tells me why I should eat certain things and avoid others. The actual diet plan is not that different from what I am already used to eating. It basically has me eliminating all processed foods, switching over to almost entirely organic and non-processed foods, and then the kicker, switching to a slew of supplements like eating dirt made by this one company to help you get the old school germs that you need to boost your immune system. I am just going to slowly phase out some of the foods that are bad and replace them with good ones, then see what happens from there. I doubt that I will invest my grocery budget money into purchasing dirt for my personal consumption.

Politics anyone? I am not voting for either main party line in this presidential election. I know people will criticize me for doing this saying that by not voting for either one I am giving one of them a vote (meaning by not voting for McCain then I am voting for Obama). I disagree. If an independent is ever going to win on any ticket then people have to be bold enough and confident enough to vote independent. You don’t vote for the worst of two evils. You vote for who you want to see in office. There are a few others who you will see on the ballot when you go to vote. Check out this website for more information:

Also, many other offices are up for election during this year. You can use that same website to find out who is running for your Ward, District, etc… and to educate yourself on what they support/believe so that you can be an informed voter! Hooray for educating ourselves!

Have a great week and I will be sure to enjoy a post anniversary meal and pumpkin patch/hay ride/corn maze/ fake-cow-milking experience to tell you about in my next post. Go here to see more: and note the Make Believe Cow milking in the list.

Peace to all,

Boris the Illusionist


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