Well, for those who were faithful readers for a couple of weeks I am sorry about the inconsistency in my posts. I am going to start posting every Sunday morning whether I feel like it or not. A once a week post is probably enough to have some fresh thoughts while not overwhelming or losing anyone who does not use their computer as frequently as some of us do.

The top question rolling around in my head this morning was regarding taxes. What would it take to go to a blanket taxing system where only 10% of every workers wages was taken out for their federal taxes? The second thought is whether that number should not be lower to where only a total of 10% can be taken out by the state and federal governments combined? How many programs would have to find different funding sources?

What we do not realize is just how many of our tax dollars is spent on private organizations via grants and other forms of government assitance. If each person has more money in our pocket from being taxed less then we could choose which organizations we funded instead of Congress choosing them for us. Nothing is a quick fix so I do not expect to see some sort of legislation in the next four years that proposes a massive downsize of the federal government.

It does make you wonder though, what the members of the Boston Tea Party would think about the current taxes that we have today despite having reprensentation in Congress. I think they would be appalled but then again I am not a historian nor someone who has researched the issue very deeply.

I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK. If you want to see a topic discussed then let me know via email or by posting a comment to a previous post. I get emailed the comments for approval so I will be sure to see it fairly quickly.

I look forward to the weeks ahead, especially with my little baby girl on the way!



2 thoughts on “Life

  1. HeartQueen248 says:

    Is it just me, or does greed complicate things? You would think that elected government officials could find a way to run this country in positive ways that don’t steal from its citizens…or atleast that’s what it all feels like to me. I’ve honestly grown disgusted with the way the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of government is conducted. I am not even sure if anyone knows how to run the country with its citizens’ best interests at heart anymore….greed runs rampant and selfish motives are destroying this potentially great place more and more all the time. No, quick fixes don’t exist…but if something doesn’t happen to stop this downward spiral…well, I fear the worst is yet to come.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have said it very often to my family, a flat tax would be great. My thought is *1* tax percentage. Not 1 for federal, state, and another for local, just *one* percentage, say 10% with most of the money staying in the state/local area. This would allow the citizens of those areas to decide who gets their money. It would give back control to the people.

    But I don’t think this would ever happen because we are a Republic and not a Democracy. We are ruled by “representatives” and not “we, the people”. Unfortantely this will probably never change because those in power will not give it up, and the people who are being elected are not for the people but for those who got them elected. Not quite the same thing is it?

    Glad to have you back and look forward to reading your posts.


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