Part II, Examples before the final post.

Two examples of cultural marriages where the society is defining the marital relationship and what it means to be considered husband and wife: This is a wedding in India where a lot of ancient religion is interjected. You do not see the social aspect of the wedding only the religious aspect so there is not a lot of information you can pull from this example other than ancient religious practices and beliefs still govern a lot of their lives. (It is interesting to note that India has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world but that they are now rising due to numerous factors. This is a long pdf document that goes into great detail about a few of the South American tribes and their marriage practices as they relate to the society. You will see how outside influences are slowly creeping in. The marriages are economic at the core and it seems that economics plays the largest factor in all aspects of the marriages, second only to sexual indulgences. As soon as puberty hits both males and females are inducted into the sexual world of the tribes. However, they are not brought into it equally. The boys are taught by older women, typically teenage girls, while in other times they were taught by 40 and 50 year old women. Upon taking a girls virginity(the sexual induction of the pubescent girls) the boy then gets to consider whether he wants to stay married to her or not. These are economic decisions for the most part that are guided by the families of both sides, not left to the “couple” to determine. There is so much more in this one document that I believe gives support to verses like Romans 1: 26-32 but that anthropologist would say is simply the way that these tribes survive. I highly urge you to read this scripture and then read the three links provided and follow that up by rereading the scripture again. See what you think. The next installment is written but I want to give the three people that I know are reading this time to look up the information before I post the final thought(s).


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