What is the point?

I had a rough phone call today at the call center where I work. The student is a mother of four, is in our graduate school to become a licensed teacher, and was trying to get into a class for student teaching. To make a long story shorter the phone call did not go well. She had not been told her exact next steps and when I did tell her then she was angry that she was not told previously. It was not so much that she was angry but that she was frustrated and sarcastic just a little. I had to put her on hold once due to me knowing that I was about to get angry and not be very “Jesus” friendly. My coworkers rallied to my rescue and helped me through the phone call. Still, I don’t like the fact that I lost my cool and that the student did not believe I was trying to help her. I will probably try to reconcile some things on Monday when I go back in order to change the student’s outlook about the school where I work. I owe her that.

All of that to say, what is the point of waking up and getting out of bed each day? What do we live for? At the moment I live because I have no other choice, but to die. I have a child on the way who needs my support and who I want to be here for to help go through the early parts of his (I am praying for twin boys) life. I have a wife who would be crushed if I stopped living but she would eventually be able to move on…I think. I have friends that I am close to via phone and email and some in person but for the most part I think they would be fine if the friendships ended (not that they don’t care but that they have their own lives and it might make them sad initially but their recovery time would pass quickly). And then there is the whole believing in God bit and the fact that I am not here for me, but for Him. I don’t think that motivates me to get out of bed though, but it probably should.

However, another story from my work center this past week is pretty motivating. One of my coworkers, a new employee who does not have insurance yet, ended up having a massive hernia where his entire abdominal wall lining (on the inside) ripped and allowed his intestines to spill out (internally). They had to rush him to the hospital and put a netting in after throwing in some stitches. He has a 6 month old and a 2 year old kid, plus his wife, depending on him to keep them going. Apparently, about a month or two ago his house turned out to be loaded with asbestos (a common building material from the mid 1900s). They had to get it removed (if you know anything about construction involving hazardous material then you will realize how expensive that is). The good point of this story is that our work center, that claims to be a Christian environment, rallied around this God-fearing man, who already has a leg handicap from two arteries previously blocked in his upper thigh, and were able to raise over a $1,000 in two days time. That is essentially equivalent to two weeks worth of pay which means that he gets to stay home and recover for two weeks instead of coming back to work and risk ripping his stitches out. A couple of folks are going to go mow his yard, and a local Applebee’s owner whose wife works with us is going to give the family a gift card for the restaurant. Offers have also been made to babysit the kiddos and to cook meals for the family.

I think that is the point. What are we doing to help out those around us? Don’t look far. Look in your church family, your own family, your work place, and even at your neighbors. If you happen to branch outside of that then by all means feel free. I think there are a lot of hurting people in our lives that we often don’t take time to notice. Maybe we should stop today and open our hearts and minds to how we can make the world a better place and give someone else a reason to wake-up and have a purpose for being alive.



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  1. Leoma says:

    This is great info to know.

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