My Purple Monster God is Real…

So a coworker was telling me about an argument where the end result is that nobody can argue absolute morality from a religious viewpoint.  It goes like this:

cropped-slide1.jpgHe said that a famous guy was giving a presentation regarding homosexuality where he said that if someone claims to believe that a being or cloud or whatever is floating above their head and if they are not obedient to what it tells them then it will kill them, then our first impression would be – this person is crazy.  And rightfully so.  The second impression is that we cannot see this being and we don’t believe in it so for the person who does believe in it to tell us that what we are doing is wrong, there is no argument that we can give to overcome their belief.  It is pointless to even try to argue because the purple monster is not real.  There is no valid argument to be made against homosexuality in this case.  Religions have established dogma that says homosexuality is wrong but there are no valid reasons for those arguments.

So that was the basic gist of it and some people who read this may be familiar with the presentation he was referring to.  Regardless of my views on whether homosexuality is okay or not, this argument does not hold up.

Why not? Because the person might actually be telling the truth and the purple monster could be real.  If there is a purple monster then we should listen to this guy who claims to see if he can give evidence to support his belief and then go from there.

Now the issue at this point is that all kinds of people have already closed their mind to the possible existence of a purple monster.  There is no way they want even try to believe in this thing, especially if it means that it will tell them that something they are doing is right or wrong.  I have heard this out of at least two coworkers mouths, that they have had preachy family members telling them what they can and cannot do and there is no way that anyone can tell them that.  If they want to do something then they are going to do it.

It gets worse.  There is even talk, albeit casual or off color, of instituting a purge within society where we are allowed to murder anyone that we see fit within a given time period without fear of reprisal – other than someone else trying to kill you.  This is not isolated banter.  Google these keywords: purge society.  There was a movie made about it, and now there have been serious discussions about the implications of it actually happening and what it would do socially and psychologically to people.

I do not believe this will actually happen, but it is a symptom of a larger problem within our society (within the U.S.A.).  And this symptom is nothing new.  Just read the book of Judges in the Old Testament to see examples of Jewish rebellion and collapse under their worship of false gods.

Personally, I believe we are being setup to believe in a new god.  A god for all the people on the earth to unite behind in order to protect us from either an alien invasion that is staged by those behind the scenes in each of our governments/societies, or as a flat-out philosophical shift to where any religion that preaches absolute truth will be seen as counter to our survival and ability to thrive as the human species.  We are already being peppered with propaganda regarding alien origination for mankind and invasion from the likes of NASA, the History channel, various books, several block buster movies, and a plethora of internet websites.  JesusYou get used to hearing the idea about something and then when it happens the event seems normal enough to believe.  Maybe I am the crazy one with the purple monster for a god that is going to squish me if I step out of line.  But I like to think that my purple monster is not really a monster, but a loving, compassionate, intense being who created me for a greater purpose than living a life in fear of what others think.  Hopefully my purple monster made me for loving other folks in the way that he demonstrated and commands that I follow.  Servant leadership even to the point of death if that is what it takes to get the message spread that my purple monster is real and that he wants to float above everybody and be a key part of their life in order to see our species thrive in ways that we never imagined!

If this makes zero sense then don’t worry.  It’s me and not you.  I am sleep deprived and on meds.  I will forget that I even wrote this post by morning or at least what the contents are.

Good night


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