Morality and legislation can never be separated…

A new blogger to my material liked yesterday’s post so I naturally headed over to see what he was writing about.  Low and behold, another blogger after my own heart.  I like his style, thinking, and presentation of the topics that I saw on his site: The Politics of Writing. That link will take you to the article that I am about to comment on.

Writeforthemasses wrote a blog on Can a Secular Nation Ever Exist?.  The thought process in the article stops short of the really important question:

Can you create any form of legislation without it being based on morality?

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The answer is an emphatic NO!  Morality is tied to every piece of legislation, court decision, bureaucratic regulation, etc…

Take as an example tax legislation.  On the surface it seems that the laws and regulations are only about taxes – how much should someone else pay for having sold, bought, or distributed something?  But go deeper.  Where does the right of taxation come from?  Why is it okay to tax the people operating under a government’s authority and protection?  Where did the government get the right to form in the first place in order to offer protection and to establish authority?  Why is government needed?

The questions continue and all lead into ideological philosophies of individuals as they apply their worldview to any given situation.  Secularism in the form of a government would still be supporting a set of idealistic morals.  This, as others have said, is not bad in and of itself.  But mankind has proven itself to be intrinsically selfish and self-motivated.  Whether you believe that to be the sin-nature or a product of humans struggling to survive through the process of evolution is beside the point.  Mankind cannot be trusted to look out for our fellow man.  In small groups – without a doubt, but in large formations the desire to protect, serve, share, and otherwise seek the benefit of the group over our own lives is greatly diminished.

Most of this I posted as a comment on his site so it will be interesting to see what others think.  Can legislative ever be separated from morality?  Keep asking questions about what it is you propose to legislate that doesn’t involve morality.  That is what I will do in my response if  you give me an example as ‘proof’ that it can be done.  Anti-communism

My next post might be on restructuring America in a way that allows for ‘freedom’ of religious practices – another myth that will never be absolute in its creation.

Thanks for reading.


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