Race, Socialism, and Aliens…

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tsunami downtownI had a dream last night that F-35s launched pole looking missiles into the twin towers that no longer exist. I knew this was not real but it looked like I was in the memorial pit at Ground Zero and I just watched as the towers fell away from me. After the towers fell water started flowing down the streets in the way that you see in the movies when a tidal wave hits. I took off running and jumped behind a barricade where I tried to ride out the flood of water, but it was pointless. I drowned.

When I woke up I knew something bad had happened in America last night but I did not know what. I never check the news in the morning, and rarely during the day. But, being more of a conservative than a progressive, I went to FoxNews.com and saw what happened in Dallas. I was sick at my stomach.

But I do not believe this was an attack about racism. There is something else going on in our nation, an underground movement towards a new philosophical rule of government that follows along the lines of a Socialist Elite school of thought where we are subjugated to the federal government for how we should think, feel, believe, and anyone who does not conform will be rooted out and either converted or killed.  And honestly, I believe it goes deeper than that.  This is spiritual warfare.  If you do not believe in heaven and hell or God and Satan then this will be foreign to you, but there is strategic warfare happening due to Satan’s dominion over this earth.

What is the answer?

We can never remove all guns from the public and even if you do your best at reaching that goal all it means is that massacres will turn even worse than what they already are. Those who want to inflict violence and fear will find a way to do it.

Do you disarm the police force and just give them tasers, batons, and mace guns? Then you have more dead cops, but maybe it would alleviate some of the apprehension non-white folks feel when they get pulled over or approached by law enforcement.

But police forces need to change their tactics. When a gunman is in the middle of a robbery the police surround the building trapping the gunman and innocent people inside. That is stupid. Hold back. Wait on the gunman to leave then nab him, or follow him until it is safe to attempt an arrest, or continue waiting until the man has let his guard down enough to peaceably arrest him after he has left the scene of the crime. Maybe someone can explain why this will not work, but in my mind tactics have to change. How about this one: go into the communities and build relationships without a gun by your side. Bring in Special Operations Force members to teach police forces how to interact with the local populace to win hearts and minds (although that skill seems to be waning since Afghanistan kicked off, but Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, and the Philippines have kept those skills alive in some units – Army, CIA, DIA, etc…). We need corporations investing in low income communities regardless of the races located there to help teach and give hope to the children there.

And what would happen if the police stopped policing in the areas where they are being labeled as racist? What if those communities policed themselves? What policies would need to be in place to make that happen? What if cops for those neighborhoods could only have been brought up in those neighborhoods? Would that help to alleviate the problem?

Personally, I do not fear the cops. I do not live in a location where I have ever needed to be afraid of police bias. I was pulled over after leaving the emergency room one night with our newborn daughter by a rookie black cop and he had a white cop that was his partner. We were going through the lower income part of town to get back home and one of my headlights were out, but I didn’t know it. He pulled up behind me. Instantly, my wife asked if I was speeding. I was not. I rolled my window down, turned off the car, grabbed my driver’s license and put both hands on the top left of the steering wheel. This makes sense to me because if I were a cop I would want to know that the vehicle is not going to run me over and the person inside does not have anything in their hands. I asked my wife to get the registration out of the glove box. The officer stayed at the back of the car and I could not see him at all. I just heard his voice. I don’t remember the entire exchange but he eventually approached the window and informed me that my headlight was out. I said I did not know. He asked if I wanted to see for myself. I did. So I asked if I could get out of the car to see which light it was. The entire time before I got out of the vehicle to me getting back in the vehicle the rookie officer had his hand on his gun. I remember it vividly because I couldn’t believe that he saw me as a threat. But having been in combat followed by peace-keeping operations in Iraq I understand the need to be vigilant at all times. It saves your life. I got back in my car without a ticket and drove home. The next day I fixed the headlight.

My understanding is that if I were a minority race then I have a higher potential to have had my vehicle and myself searched. If they had done that then I would not have cared. It would have been weird to me, but they are doing their job. And they would not have found anything. I would not have felt harassed but definitely inconvenienced. Afterall, I had a newborn daughter that needed to get home and to her bed, along with myself so I could go to work the next day. All this to say that I do not know what it is like to be harassed by cops. I have been ticketed for speeding, pulled over for speeding, and as a juvenile I have a small rap sheet for some things that never should have happened. But all of my interactions with the police and sheriff’s deputies has been overall positive.

What cannot happen is more violence. Violence does not solve the problem, whether real or perceived. These communities that feel harassed, and unfairly targeted need to change social interactions with the police and the police need to change how they interact with these communities. Treat people with respect on both sides of the coin.

While this seems like a major problem in America, it is a distraction from global politics and corporate governance. Look beyond the headlines to the stock markets around the world and to any sort of government dealings between nations. See if something happened while this is being heavily reported on. And remember, the alien/demon revelation is coming. Know what you believe and why you believe it in order to be prepared.

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